About the team behind Eyesea


Graeme Somerville-Ryan


Eyesea was founded on the idea that the maritime industry, mariners, recreational sailors, and the public all want the best for the ocean. We all understand maritime pollution is a problem – a problem that, at times, is pictured as being too large to solve. What can one person do? For a start, one person can take a picture. That picture tells us what is going on. A lot of pictures can make a map. And – in true maritime fashion – a map will tell us where we need to go and what we need to do. 

I have worked in the maritime sector for just over ten years, and the good news is that you are not alone if you are looking to do something about maritime pollution. There are millions of us. Those with access to the coast and vastness of the seas have a unique role to play. You can be the eyes of the ocean. You can document and record what is going on. No one else is in a position to do this, and together we can drive change. 

I don’t come from a maritime background – professionally I’m in marketing, and I have an MA in Archaeology. Tech breaks quickly whenever I go near it. But none of that really matters because no one has solved this problem before, and everyone has a role to play and ideas to bring to the table. 

Thanks for your interest in Eyesea, I hope you can join us or work with us in some way. But the least you can do is take a simple photo and make a world of difference.



Oliver Schwarz


When Graeme first pitched the idea of EyeSea I was asked to give him 30 minutes, it took him 11 minutes to get me on board and agree that ChartWorld will develop and donate the App for this initiative.

Although never a professional seafarer, I have worked and lived in the maritime industry my entire life and spent a lot of time on the water. I feel strangely attached to the sea and it has become obvious that the oceans need our help.

I have to give credit to my wonderful daughters, whom are far more engaged and sensitised addressing environmental issues, I must admit that I have learned a lot from them over the last few years. For me Eyesea is a wonderful opportunity to get actively involved and do something, rather than just hoping for salvation.


Cath Robertshaw


Chief Operating Officer, Eyesea

As a former teacher, I have always enjoyed new challenges. To be involved in a project aiming to vastly improve the current state of the oceans, that gives me an opportunity to make a real tangible difference, was a challenge I could not pass by.

I was born in Wales (yes, I love rugby!), I grew up in South Africa (where my passion for the ocean and beaches began) and after returning to the UK for studies, (university and teacher training), I moved to Asia – working, teaching, and raising my boys in Shanghai and Singapore. I’ve spent a lot of time on the sea in boats, kayaks, water skiing and swimming enjoying the waters of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

I’m now based on the Isle of Man, a small island surrounded by beaches and the Irish Sea. Over the summer I began hiking around our island, following the ‘Raad Ny Foillan’, which translates from Manx into ‘The Flight of the Seagull’, and saw first hand the importance of the UNESCO heritage biosphere status the Island has and the fragile balance between man and nature, the Isle of Man proves you can maintain that important balance with respect and constancy.




Mike is an award-winning shipping and logistics journalist and editor of 20+ years of experience.

Outside journalism, Mike provides media communications and public relations expertise to a range of leading transportation businesses.

He has also spent many years investigating deforestation, pollution and corruption for environmental NGOs including Greenpeace and International Animal Rescue.


Communications Manager – Europe, GAC Group

It was while working on the last round-the-world Ocean Race that Lynne became acutely aware of the plastic pollution problem.  Signing up immediately to the Race’s #cleanseas and Ocean Summit programmes, she became a committed advocate of both, carrying the messages throughout the GAC world and beyond.  Outside of work, she is working addressing plastic pollution issues on her beloved island of Skiathos, and in which Eyesea will certainly play an important part.

“I abhor single use plastics and delight in spreading that feeling,” she says.  “It is a pleasure and an absolute necessity to support Eyesea’s work.”

Born and educated in languages and business studies in West London, Lynne has enjoyed nearly 40 years in Marketing and PR in the graphic arts, recording and plastics industries.  She has been GAC’s European regional communications manager for 15 years.




Vice President Sales & Marketing Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Marine Products

Kibo has worked in the shipping industry for 15 years. Prior to joining Wilhelmsen he worked as a M&A advisor at KPMG. Kibo has held financial, strategic and commercial roles within the Wilhelmsen group during these 15 years. He has worked in both the shipping supplier industry as well as a large vessel owner and operator. Kibo has always worked in global roles and has been based in both Oslo and Singapore. He grew up in Norway, Kenya, South Sudan and attended university in Australia.

Kibo is a passionate skier and a father of two children. Leaving the planet behind in a healthy state is a key priority for Kibo and is his reason for getting involved in the EyeSea initiative.



Iain Cameron

Graphic design, web design, Illustration and video iaincameron.dk

Iain has extensive experience designing for the shipping industry as well as other industries. Originally from Aberdeen in Scotland he has spent the last twenty years in Copenhagen. As for the environment, it is great to contribute positively to this incredibly important issue.