Eyesea Members

Eyesea is a nonprofit Incorporate Society. Our members drive our strategy and actions. Our members enable us to maintain and expand the Eyesea App, develop our organizational capacity, and support clean-up efforts when and where we can. Member companies have been instrumental in getting the Eyesea App into the hands of seafarers and onto their ships.
Every member has contributed far more than they realize, so these are our words first.

ChartWorld – Foundation Member
No ChartWorld, no Eyesea. ChartWorld were instrumental in building Eyesea, providing the expertise and funding to build our pollution mapping prototype. Their support has continued throughout the project, supporting our governance structure and technological development.


Taylor Maritime – Foundation Member
Taylor Maritime were one of the first companies to support Eyesea, and the first Hong Kong vessel owners to offer ships to the project. This was a significant addition to Eyesea’s geographical reach and was a catalyst for other companies in the region to join. Senior executives in the company tested the app out on the water and, from a yacht, recovered our first floating debris.


Thome Group

The Thome Group is recognized as one of the world’s leading independent international ship managers. Their network of offices and agents,  wide range of industry business lines, and their focus on sustainability fit well into the Eyesea model of combining the reach of the shipping industry with ocean care. Thome Group have supported the idea of Eyesea from the early days, and we are very pleased to have them onboard.


Oldendorff Carriers – Foundation Member
Oldendorff Carriers are one of the largest dry bulk owners and operators in the world. Their support of Eyesea, in terms of industry recognition, was a game-changing moment. Oldendorff’s commitment to the project has been absolute. The early testing of the app took place on an Oldendorff ship, and Capt Mehmet Mazman took our first blue-water report. Capt. Mazman was offered, and accepted, our offer of being Eyesea’s first At-Sea Ambassador.


The Liberian Registry

The Liberian Registry was the first Ship Registry to support Eyesea.  From the earliest stages of Eyesea, the Liberian Registry and their team of Ambassadors have been instrumental in growing Eyesea and bringing onboard users across the globe.  The Registry continues to closely support Eyesea across its large network of ship owners, operators, managers, and seafarers.  The Liberian Registry continues to be an ongoing source of support and encouragement for Eyesea.


Fraser – Foundation Member
Fraser is our first member from the yachting community. This was an important step to help Eyesea access non-merchant vessels. Yachts, of all sizes, have access to coastal areas and regions rarely visited by commercial vessels, and as a sector they can have unique influence on ocean care related to tourism.


The Bahamas Maritime Authority – Foundation Member
The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) have played a significant role in the development of Eyesea, support which extended to the National Environment Commissioner’s approval of their involvement. Capt. Steve Bomgardner took up a board role, works with our global volunteers, and is the Society’s Treasurer.


Euromar – Foundation Member
Euromar, operating under the Portuguese Flag, joined Eyesea at a moment when membership support was critical. Their views on the potential role of shipping in pollution monitoring reflected both our shipowners and the seafarers who had provided extensive feedback in the build and testing of the app. Euromar provide an important connection into the European shipping community and we are excited about the potential of Flag State involvement.


Zeaborn – Foundation Member
Zeaborn were the first ship management company to support the Eyesea idea. “How could anyone in shipping not support this” were the exact words. Having Zeaborn’s backing opened far more doors within the industry and gave the idea real momentum…and access to ships.


MPC Containerships – Foundation Member
MPC Containerships were the first large owner to join Eyesea. Their support of the project, from across the leaderships team was of enormous value as the idea was starting to take form. The MPC Containerships team has continued to promote Eyesea and to provide significant organizational involvement in the initiative.


Wilhelmsen – Foundation Member
Wilhelmsen Marine Products were our first big Norwegian company to be involved. Nakul Malhotra (Singapore) and Kibo Bodegaard (Norway) have been heavily involved in Eyesea at both a governance and operational level. Kibo organized and led Eyesea’s Norwegian launch which include a clean-up operation involving over 100 people.


GAC – Foundation Member
GAC has provided significant support to Eyesea through both membership and the personal involvement of senior executives. Nick Browne, Lynne Clarke, and Neil Godfrey (now retired) have provided extensive marketing and app distribution support. GAC’s team in India has led our early phase data collection efforts.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement – Foundation Member

BSM was the first of the large ship managers to join the Eyesea. For the Eyesea organization this was a big step, adding a large number of vessels to the accessible fleet. BSM was also a catalyst for other ship managers to join the project. David Furnival (currently on the Eyesea Board) and Nick Topham both volunteered to take up the role of Eyesea Ambassadors.


Thomas Shulte Ship Management – Foundation Member
Thomas Shulte was one of the earliest companies to commit to the Eyesea project. Their membership further strengthened our position in the German shipping community and was another important step in growing Eyesea’s international presence. The team from Thomas Shulte also provided some of our earliest imagery from South East Asia.


Hamburger Lloyd – Foundation Member
Hamburger Lloyd have been one of the most active Eyesea members. They have been involved in enthusiastically pushing the Eyesea app out onto vessels as well as using internal resources to promote the idea to crew and staff. The company has supported the development and production of Eyesea promotional material and supporting collateral.


Isle of Man Ship Registry – Foundation Member
The Isle of Man Ship Registry was the first shipping regulator to push the Eyesea app out to registered crew. They have been a key supporter on the Isle of Man and have helped build a local network of supporting companies. CEO Cameron Mitchell is an Eyesea Ambassadors and has actively promoted the organization to both Seafarers and potential members.


NSB GROUP – Foundation Member

NSB joining Eyesea was a critical moment for the organization as we build a presence in the German shipping community. CEO Tim Ponath has played an active role in the promotion of Eyesea to both maritime and non-maritime interests in the Hamburg area. NSB has pushed the Eyesea app out to their fleet and the number of the captains and crew that have volunteered to take up an Eyesea At Sea Ambassador role has grown considerably. We have received regular data points from both NSB vessels and staff as they have traveled.


Swire Bulk – Foundation Member

Swire Bulk, part of the Swire Group, are one of the biggest names in the industry and were a critical addition to the Eyesea membership. Swire’s involvement in the Moana Taka Partnership (involving the removal of waste from the Pacific Islands) showed us the potential impact of shipping when it came to both data collection, but also impactful action.


DryLog – Foundation Member

Drylog were the first Greek shipping company to join Eyesea. This was a significant moment given Greece is the largest owner of shipping tonnage. Drylog have a long and proud of tradition of supporting environmental initiatives and it was clear from early discussions that Drylog and Eyesea shared similar views on the role seafarers and ships could play in environmental management and ocean care.


FuelTrust – Foundation Member
FuelTrust are the first US company to join Eyesea. Darren Shelton immediately saw the benefits of the technology Eyesea was trying to develop, and the implications of data collection and large-scale data analysis. Although FuelTrust are themselves a startup company, they understood the importance of formally joining Eyesea as a member. We see great potential in developing Eyesea’s presence in the Houston/Gulf of Mexico Maritime community.


Got-Bag – Foundation Member
Got-Bag is Eyesea’s first non-Maritime/shipping company member. They provide unique insights into the commercial potential of recycled water bound pollution and the full lifecycle of pollution and waste. We see great potential and linking Got-Bag’s supply chain requirements with the resources and reach of the shipping companies involved in Eyesea.


Ocean Nova – Foundation Member

The expedition vessel, Ocean Nova, was the first cruise ship to join the Eyesea pollution mapping initiative. For Eyesea, getting the first cruise ship involved is a critically important milestone. Both we and Ocean Nova believe there is a very tangible role for the passengers and crew on cruise and recreational vessels to play in ocean care. These ships travel to unique and hard to access areas and will provide valuable reach to our work.


Philippine Transmarine Carriers – Foundation Member

PTC, a leading crew manager, are Eyesea’s first member company from the Philippines. PTC have been deeply involved in the post launch testing of the Eyesea app, project managing Eyesea’s largest on-water app test and survey. This directly resulted in the collection of over 45,000 images of surface and coastal pollution. PTC COO, Edgar Milla was also our first Philippines-based Ambassador.


Dentons Kensington Swan – Foundation Member

When the concept of Eyesea was first being developed we had decisions to make regarding our structure, constitution, and location of setup. The team at Dentons Kensington Swan, led by Hayden Wilson and Campbell Featherston provided us with substantial pro-bono support and ‘sounding board’ advice which enabled us to get off the ground and put in place basic organizational structures. They have remained close advisors at the board/operational level and have supported us with data sharing agreements, banking, and sensible commercial advice. They have been great to work with and genuinely believe in what we are all trying to achieve.


Bridgefort Maritime – Foundation Member

Founded in October 2017 Bridgefort went live in February 2018 with Asset Management contracts covering 11 container ships, 6 MR tankers and 1 Supramax bulk carrier owned by a large institutional investor.

Bridgefort’s overarching goal is to provide institutional investors with a turn key asset management solution covering both finance and operations across debt (performing and non-performing), equity and hybrid investments in the maritime industry.


MX  Bulk – Foundation Member

MX Bulk is a boutique dry bulk ship owner. We operate a small fleet of modern, fuel efficient ships designed and built by the world’s leading shipyards. Social responsibility and an emphasis on quality go to the very core of the company. The company sees an alignment of values with what Eyesea are striving to do, and are privileged to play a small part. The best ideas are often the most simple. Eyesea’s concept is simple to the point that it is self evident and is therefore compelling.