Nancy Pearson

I have seen beaches, including the ones I love the most, becoming overwhelmed with pollution. Every day I now see ocean trash that just wasn’t there in the 90’s. I’m a runner, but my runs became plogs as I stooped to pick up litter, then more walks than plogs. I just couldn’t enjoy the beach any more, looking at the trash. I started the annual Black Bank Clean-up to increase awareness and to bring out some community spirit, which it does. Then I came up with the idea of ‘abagawalk’ in Instagram for the same awareness-raising reasons.  I just want to inspire people to make a small difference and hopefully more people will carry a bag with them when out for a walk, hike, or jog and pick up whatever trash they see on their outing. When I was asked to try the ‘Eyesea’ app, I thought how it was a neat way to map out all the trash that I pick up as a baseline measure. And, hopefully, good data to show governments and communities what is out there….how bad it really is. My mission is to inspire change, but the more people with the same mission means change is more likely. instagram.com/abagawalk/