Eyesea Partners

Paz Recycling

My name is Rommy Paz Osorio, I currently live in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile. I am an environmental engineer and the founder of Paz Recycling, a company that provides environmental advisory services and promotes the development of various sustainable projects.

This is how @basuraplayera was born, art from macro, meso, and microplastics collected on the beaches of southern Chile. Since many people see it as a distant problem, the objective is to make visible the magnitude of the pollution produced by this waste, which is difficult to collect due to its size and can last several hundred years, these plastic fragments are found massively on the coastal edges of various areas and remain adrift.

Beach litter invites us to look head-on at the problem of plastic and microplastic pollution in the ocean, as this is one of the greatest environmental problems we are facing today, and it represents a great threat to marine biodiversity. We must urgently stop the entry of plastics into the ocean, otherwise plastic will continue to accumulate rapidly on the beaches of the entire planet and will continue to transform our oceans and reserve an uncertain future for all.

Being an Eyesea volunteer is important and rewarding for me, I want to inspire, educate, and motivate other volunteers to help us georeference pollution, since it is a free and easy-to-use tool, where we can all map the contamination of plastics and other pollutants in the ocean, join us and let us be agents of change for a better future for future generations.

Save the Waves

Save The Waves is an environmental coalition dedicated to preserving the world’s surf spots and their surrounding environments. Their goal is to preserve and protect surfing locations around the planet and to educate the public about their value. Save the Waves works in partnership with local communities, foreign and national governments, as well as other conservation groups to prevent coastal development from entering the surf zone.


Clean Sailors

Clean Sailors is an independent nonprofit organization with a mission of mobilizing our global community of sailors as ambassadors for a cleaner, healthier ocean. Their aim is to set a new standard of sailor and sailing, recognizing the responsibility we all have in safeguarding the health and future of the seas we sail.

“For our ocean, for our seas: we sail mighty and tread lightly. We raise awareness of ocean conservation opportunities within our sport, our passion, our pastime through science, research, outreach, and solution-driven partnerships.”


Island Cruising NZ provides resources for cruisers wanting to prepare for long coastal or offshore voyages. They run yacht cruising rallies around New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific; namely Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. Their rallies are designed to allow sailors to cruise the islands aboard their own boats, or assist as crew on someone else’s boat. They provide education for sailors to prepare their vessels for sailing offshore, particularly if they’re new to offshore sailing, through their online cruising preparation workshops and members resources. They can provide assistance with Customs, Immigration, and Biosecurity in and out of each country and they hold social events at various points along the way.