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Eyesea is available on the Apple and Android Stores:

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Please use Eyesea in accordance with your company and vessel’s device use regulations and health and safety requirements. Keep safe, there will always be the opportunity to take another photo. Eyesea is a nonprofit organization with a mission to map global pollution and maritime hazards.

The Eyesea App, available on the App and Play stores, is an easy-to-use mobile phone application used by volunteers to record and submit images and locations of pollution across the world. Eyesea use instructions We need your help to identify and locate ocean, coastal, and waterway pollution.

How can you help? Simply take a picture through the Eyesea App. We’ll put that picture on a chart and provide the data to anyone who wants to do good with it. Solving one of the great problems of our time is going to take all hands. We believe seafarers hold the key to solving the problem of maritime pollution – you are the only ones who have access to this part of the world on a regular basis.

Everything starts with data and understanding the problem. The more pictures we have, the better we will understand what needs to be done. We are a maritime sector based volunteer organization, if you would like to help – at any level and in any way – please contact us at info@eyesea.org.


Images are Anonymous. To protect your privacy, no record of uploaded images is kept on your device. We also do not record any information about who sends us images and data. How to use the app: On the front page of the app tap the large camera icon to take a picture of pollution. Then add a tag if possible and submit the image. If a picture is not possible, just drop a tagged pin using the Quick Report function.

Mark pollution as recovered: If you pick up pollution, you can mark your picture as ‘Recovered’ on the tag screen. On the map, pollution recovered appears as a green icon. Unrecovered pollution is a blue icon. Note – SAFTY FIRST – seafarers are unlikely to be able to recover pollution. Upload image from picture library: On the Map/Globe screen, zoom into the location where you want to place a picture of pollution.

Tap the precise location on the map, choose a tag, add the required picture as an attachment, and ‘send’ the image. Data Management: The Eyesea app has three settings for use of mobile data: ‘On’ – Data collected will be uploaded using your mobile data. ‘WiFi Only’ – Any images taken through the app will only be uploaded with WiFi access. ‘Off’ – Pictures will only be uploaded when you have changed to one of the above settings.

Uploading Data: The Eyesea app needs to be open when you are uploading images. An ‘Images to be uploaded’ count is visible in the top right corner of the home screen. Data archive: Images will be archived after 12 months on the Eyesea map. Data access: Eyesea hopes to provide our data to anyone who wants to do good with it.