Eyesea Ambassadors

MPC Capital Constantin Baack

Constantin Baack

Hamburg, MPC Containerships, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Constantin Baack serves as CEO of MPC Container Ships ASA (“MPCC”) since foundation of the company in 2017. Today, MPCC owns a fleet of 66 container ships, which are operated globally, predominantly in regional trades and/or feeder services. Mr. Baack commenced his career in the marine operations department at Hamburg Süd in Sydney. He thereafter moved to Ernst & Young within auditing and transaction advisory out of Hamburg and Shanghai. In 2008, Mr. Baack joined the MPC Group where he has since held various senior management positions in Germany and abroad, including Head of Shipping of the MPC Group, Managing Director of ship management company Ahrenkiel Steamship and CFO of Frankfurt-listed asset and investment manager MPC Capital AG. Mr. Baack studied business administration in Hamburg and Sydney. He holds a Graduate Diploma and a Master of Science in international business from the University of Sydney.


Hayden Wilson

Hayden Wilson

Wellington, New Zealand, Dentons Kensington Swan, Chairman and Partner, dentons.co.nz

Hayden leads our New Zealand dispute resolution team, specialising in complex public, regulatory, and commercial litigation. He plays a key role in the firm’s relationships with government agencies. Hayden helps both public and private sector clients to manage a wide range of regulatory and public law issues, including managing and reviewing regulatory and reputational risk, advising on privacy and information law, and managing disputes within the public and regulatory space. He is recognised by Legal 500 as one of New Zealand’s leading litigators. As well as being a highly skilled litigator, Hayden practices as a commercial mediator, bringing his in-depth strategic negotiation expertise into all of his engagements with clients. Hayden provides crisis management support and advice on ‘bet the business’ issues relating to government or regulatory investigations, inquiries or prosecutions.



Richard Groves

Perth/Adelaide, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, fncaustralia.com.au

Richard is an experienced Marine Engineer having served in the UK and Australian Naval submarine services for around 20 years. Now living in South Australia and working as an engineering consultant within the global maritime industry. Having uniquely experienced the ocean both above and below, Richard cares deeply about its continued health and future. By being part of the EyeSea global community Richard hopes to contribute to the protection and sustainability of the ocean for future generations of seafarers and recreational users.



Steven Schootbrugge

Cyprus, ChartWorld International, Chief Executive Officer, chartworld.com/web/

Our oceans play the most important part in the balance of our environment and they have never been in worse shape. I am very proud to be involved with EyeSea, where we have an opportunity to bring, technology, knowledge, will and drive together to make a difference to our oceans.



Thomas Reckefuss

My name is Thomas Reckefuss and I am the Managing Director of  Thomas Schulte Ship Management Pte. Ltd in Singapore. My love of the ocean began in my childhood when I first spent time on a sailing boat at the age of three. After Highschool my passion for boats and ships turned into a profession when I chose to become a naval architect. I now also hold an MBA in shipping and lead Thomas Schulte Ship Management’s activities in Asia.

As a sailor, diver, and passionate ocean lover I have been around the world and seen the ocean from above and from below. Since moving to Singapore, the global topic of ocean pollution has become far more obvious, since there is basically no spot where you now cannot find plastic or other debris on or below the surface of the ocean. As a member of the Shipping community, the ocean is our place of work and our playing field and we need to step up and show responsibility to keep it healthy. Eyesea is, for myself and Thomas Schulte Ship Management, a brilliant Platform to contribute with easy means to the collection of data and to increase awareness of the pressing problems washing up on our doorstep. Identifying, mapping, cataloging, and categorizing pollution is an important part of preserving the biggest ecosystem on our planet.


Danilo Chiaruttini

Genoa, Liguria, Italy, Marine Consultant

My name is Danilo Chiaruttini  and I was born and raised in Genoa, Italy, living in Rapallo on the Ligurian East Riviera. I have been at sea, on sailing boats, since I was 10, and from the age of 16 I have been involved in the shipping industry with various ranks/roles both on-board and ashore.
Being part of Eyesea,  volunteering for and taking up this mission as an Ambassador, is the perfect chance to repay the Sea for all the good things it has given me over my entire life. People from the shipping industry have so much to offer – and it is time we took up leadership on ocean care.


Lars T. Ugland

Lars T Ugland comes from a well-known shipping family in Norway.  He has worked in deep-sea shipping all his life as an owner, charterer, manager and ship broker.  He has been involved in crude oil tankers, product tankers, bulk carriers, ore carriers, various types of offshore units, supply vessels, tugs, and barges.  He left the UK after 35 years to set up a new company in the Isle of Man.

“I have been more aware of the pollution at sea and on the shorelines after moving to this island some 13 years ago.  Pollution is obviously a global issue and is something that each of us can play a part in resolving.  I have seen the benefits of the local “Beach Buddies” organisation, which regularly gathers groups of volunteers of all ages to clean the beaches around the island.  They are doing a fantastic job and their message has spread worldwide.  We all need to make an effort for cleaner seas and for that reason I support EyeSea and hope our efforts will benefit generations to come”.


Tim Ponath

Chief Executive Officer of NSB GROUP

NSB, a member of NSB GROUP, is an international maritime service provider and is recently recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Germany. As an industry leader, we believe we have responsibilities that go beyond ‘business as usual’. Environmental care and sustainability are words that are easily used but far greater action is needed. Eyesea is a new concept, but it is an idea that puts the responsibility for ocean health firmly in the hands of the shipping industry, and this is a rare thing. The oceans are our livelihood, homes, and workplace and we need to make the most of this reach.

Our crew members will play the most important role in this project. Seafarers work closer than anyone else to our oceans and now they will have a powerful tool for reporting threats to our environment. The impact of their work will be felt far beyond their own vessel, they will be helping to protect the ocean and the communities that depend on it. Our shoreside task is to take action as soon as we have data, to clean up, and avoid additional pollution. This is where we see the impact that meets our responsibility.


Kate McHugh

Kate earned her corporate stripes in shipping at A.P. Moller–Maersk on their prestigious, global management program and has since worked in supply chain, strategy, and operations management across a range of industries. With this excellent commercial foundation, she now focuses her energy on sustainability. She has tertiary qualifications in Science (Environmental Biology) and Law, and a Master of Arts in Communications Management (Organisational Communication and Change), as well as certificates in Sustainability Strategy and GRI Reporting.

Kate believes there is a better way of doing business whereby purpose-led businesses tackle our world’s biggest economic, social and environmental challenges. In doing so businesses reduce costs, minimise risks, open new markets, create innovative opportunities, enhance reputation and create value.


Andy Foy

Director, Predictive Performance

Andy Foy is a New Zealander who loves being near, in, or on the ocean.   In his lifetime he has seen the quality of the water and marine life in an environment that many would consider pristine, be dramatically affected.   Fish stocks are declining, shellfish are becoming harder to find and many of our rivers and waterways are polluted.  He believes that Eyesea provides an opportunity to use data-driven insights to drive effective solutions.
Professionally Andy has worked in HR and people management for 25 years.  He currently runs a consulting company in Auckland using behavioural data and insights to help companies optimise their people management and organisational effectiveness.


Nick Fisher

CEO and Senior Advisor in Maritime, Shipping and Ports

Nick has been in shipping since the ‘80s, both in the military and commercially, and has run Ports and Shipping businesses in Australia, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. As a yachtsman and rower, he has never ceased to be dismayed with maritime pollution wherever he has been.  During his time in Singapore and Abu Dhabi he actively championed clean-up activities and implemented ‘Seabin’ technology in the companies he worked with.

Brendon Hawley

I have over 50 years of experience in the shipping industry, serving with both the British and South African merchant navy from Cadet to Master on general cargo, tankers, bulk, container vessels and hold a Master Mariner (Class 1 – FG Unlimited).

Coming ashore I have held positions including, Director of P&I Associates, Port Captain operating on the east coast of Africa and Central America, and with Gearbulk Shipping as Head of Operations with postings in Durban (South Africa), Stamford (US), Montreal (Quebec), London (UK), Jakarta (Indonesia), Vancouver (Canada), and Shanghai (China). I am currently with Wilhelmsen Ships Service based in Singapore as Global Head of Safety and Compliance for the last eight years.

Over this time I have seen pretty much all there is to see – the good and the bad. The health of the oceans is not getting better and we, those who work on and with the sea, need to take on the role of stewards. The idea of Eyesea came to be in a text message in the early hours of the morning. A simple idea, that can have profound implications on what role the maritime industries play in ocean care and protection. Because we care.

Professional Memberships:

Maritime Anti-Corruption Network- MACN (macn.dk)

Brendon is an elected Steering Committee Member (Board Member) of a Maritime Industry Network which today represents well over 70% of the world’s global tonnage, that tackles corruption in the maritime Industry. Implementing anti‐corruption actions in areas such as Suez Canal, Argentina, Nigeria, China & Indonesia; developing and sharing best practices; collaborating with governments, NGOs, and maritime corporations. I co‐lead the China Working Group, focusing on reducing dry‐bulk cargo discharge risks in China across major seaports.

Baltic Expert Witness Association- BEWA (balticexpertwitness.com)

Brendon is an elected member of the BEWA panel, which is part of the Baltic Exchange Group. The Baltic Expert Witness Association (BEWA) is available for appointment to provide independent expert opinion for a wide range of maritime disputes. The duty of an expert witness is solely to the Tribunal or the Court and not to the party which instructs & employs the expert.

Hauke Pane

Mr. Hauke Pane has been the Chief Executive Officer of Hamburger Lloyd since the company was founded in 2007. Before that, he spent many years with Hamburg Süd in Hamburg and London and served as Managing Director of MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Steamship.
He has years of seafaring experience, most recently as a Ship Operation Officer. Being the son of a pilot, Pane has been fascinated with shipping since his early childhood days. His love for the ocean remains unbroken to
this day: He loves to go sailing and he never takes a beach walk without collecting marine debris.
Being an EyeSea ambassador, he wants to raise environmental awareness within the shipping industry and beyond- not only as a CEO but also as a grandfather who wants to preserve the oceans for future generations.


Rob Aarvold

Singapore, Swire Bulk, General Manager, swirebulk.com

Bio to follow.