At Sea Ambassadors


Capt Arturo Pino Selles

My name is Capt Arturo Pino Selles, I am from Panama, and I have been sailing since 2005. I am now a Master on offshore vessels. Over my many years at sea, I have seen a stunning increase in the in the amount of visible trash, especially plastic floating in the areas I have worked. Eyesea provides us – seafarers- with the ability to share our observations of this huge problem. The world needs to see this so that solutions can be developed. I’m am more than happy to be part of Eyesea and to contribute in any way I can to fight pollution in our oceans.


Capt Mehmet Mazman

I have worked as a Master at Oldendorff since 2018.  Previously, I served as an officer for different companies and have been a Master since 2015.  I completed my education at Blacksea Technical University’s Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering in 2006.  My ‘home-life’ continues in the city of Iskenderun on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

I am proud to be a part of the Eyesea program and I am happy to fight for cleaner oceans and seas.  My motto as a seafarer is  “We, as seafarers, spend our lives in the seas and earn our lives from the sea. Our greatest pleasure is to sip our coffee, watching the sea – a clean sea – during our breaks.  We will and work together for cleaner oceans and seas. And we must work together to make a real difference.


Shreeraj Palkar

It’s been more than 10 years since I started sailing as an Engineering Officer. I am now a Second Engineer and I have been with Anglo Eastern since 2014.

Even before I started sailing, I knew our oceans needed help. Every time I visited the beaches of Mumbai as a kid, I wondered how we could treat something so beautiful in such a careless way. That feeling – of needing to keep our oceans clean – has only amplified over the years.

Every major shipping company, has undertaken great initiatives to build a culture around the importance of keeping the oceans pollution free. But there is a lot more that needs to be done at an individual level. I find Eyesea, and the pollution reporting app, to be an amazing initiative to tackle one of the biggest issues we face today. Our oceans are huge, and we all need to keep a close eye on what is going on out there to keep it beautiful and clean. Seafarers have a special role – only we can do this.

Joanne Rawley

Joanne has worked at sea in a great many locations over the last decade and has observed that, despite her best efforts at solo litter picking, the tonnage is growing rapidly.
It’s a global issue that everyone can play a part in solving – by reducing their consumption and by using the Eyesea App to raise awareness. Share knowledge of the issue, and share the burden in cleaning it up.

Capt. Sever Voitinovici

My name is Captain Sever VOITINOVICI and I started working for NSB in January 2017 as a Master. I come from the beautiful country of Romania and was born into a family with tight connections to the sea. My father was a Captain, and I have always strived to follow in his footprints. My spouse has a degree as Port Engineer and my sister has graduated in IT systems applied to Geography and Environmental Protection.

All of us are trying to get involved as much as possible in preserving our seas as Planet Earth is covered 70% of water. We need to keep the oceans clean, in order to protect our whole planet. I am proud to be part of the EyeSea program as an At Sea Ambassador, because if you want people to follow, they will if you lead by best example.
What we need to solve all environmental problems is the wisdom of many disciplines, and we at sea are the very first link.

Capt. Sifathaullah Abdul Rahim

I am a Master Mariner with a demonstrated history of working in roles across the maritime industry. I graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Nautical Science in 2009. I have sailed on different types of ships throughout my career and currently, I am working on an oil chemical tanker. I am a qualified DNV GL ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor, a tutor in Maritime Institutes, and a consultant for various companies. I did my schooling at St Josephs College in the Nilgiris (The Queen of Hills), Tamil Nadu, India. 

Here we were first made aware of the consequences of pollution. Nilgiris is the first district to be ‘Plastic Free’ in India. Thus, right from my childhood, I had a passion for environmental protection and awareness. As seafarers,  we are as dependent on mother nature as a mountaineer.

Almost all companies have a mission of zero spills/zero pollution out at sea. I just want to be one step ahead and encourage everyone by being a part of Eyesea and report any pollution with the user-friendly app ” Eyesa”  which would make everyone more oriented towards their company mission.

Chief Officer Pablo Sanchez Prado

My Name is Pablo Sanchez Prado and I have been sailing since 2018. I have worked onboard various General Cargo, Chemical Tanker, and Naval vessels and have great passion for the seafaring career. I am also a great enthusiast for our most precious resource, our oceans. While sailing, I have been committed to quality work performance which includes the proper manning of anti-pollution resources onboard and I really like the Eyesea concept as it allows those at sea to report garbage and pollution in one app. This can really help to create new ways to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

I have Seen how garbage has increased in our oceans and its devastating to perceive how miles and miles of onshore created garbage patches and floating currents of garbage are now part of our seas. I am more than pleased to be part of Eyesea, fighting pollution together to create new ways to become greener and cleaner.

2nd Engineer Charles Morales

Hello! I am Charles and I live in Manila, Philippines. I am a 2nd engineer working for Oldendorff Carriers and I have been sailing for 10 years.

As a seafarer, I’ve traveled to different places around the world. I have seen spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets, and dolphins cruising along with us. However, amidst that beauty, obvious signs of pollution are also starting to surface. There is floating garbage, marine waste, and plastic containers at sea. I, like other seafarers, have felt helpless and powerless to stop these things from happening. So, when I was introduced to Eyesea, I did not waste the chance to sign up and hopefully spread awareness that pollution is indeed real, it is happening fast, and it must stop now.

I am a father of two boys who may also become seafarers. I’m hoping to be a good example to them and future generations, and I would like to do my share now to keep pollution at sea under control.


Constantin Marius

Hello everyone. I’m Constantin Marius and I come from Bucharest, Romania. I started my seafaring career in 2012 as a cadet with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) and, from that moment until now, I’ve sailed with Schulte – now serving as 2nd officer on the LPG fleet.

As a seafarer, I’m proud to be part of the Eyesea program and I hope that together we will manage to make some positive changes regarding marine pollution.

I’m also part of a group working on environmental problems, especially air pollution, in Romania. I’m a father of two boys and I hope they will enjoy their lives living in a cleaner environment.

I wish you a calm and clean sea.