First Non-Shipping Company Joins Eyesea


German apparel manufacturer GOT BAG has become the first non-shipping company to join the Eyesea initiative. In 2016, GOT BAG started sourcing Ocean Impact Plastic, recycling it, and processing it into backpacks.

The company now works with a network of 2,500 fishermen and people in Indonesia collecting Ocean Impact Plastic. The material is then sorted and recycled into pellets which are then made into backpacks and other bags. For each bag approximately 2-10 pounds of Ocean Impact Plastic are collected – material that is either already threatening or likely to become a threat to the marine environment – depending on the size and design.

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‘Found my Kids Playing With Plastic Trash at a Beach So I Cleaned Up 650 Tonnes of It’

“The weirdest thing I’ve found at a beach while cleaning up has been a human skull,” says Lisbon Ferrao, a marketing professional whose passion, and side venture for many years now has been cleaning the beaches of Mumbai city. Today, the group ‘Vasai Beach Cleaners’ is one step toward Mumbaikars having spotless sands once again. 

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Kaiko Systems joins Eyesea to support ocean pollution data collection

Eyesea is a nonprofit organisation with a mission to map global pollution and maritime hazards. Its mobile application allows individuals to submit geotagged photographs which the organisation plans to use to identify what makes up maritime pollution, its density, and where clean-up efforts can have the greatest impact.

“Collecting proper data on where maritime pollution exists and what it is made of is a crucial first step. Images are an important tool here because they are quick and easy to take, and they provide a lot of information….

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Eyesea Appoints Rommy paz Osorio as Chile Country Head

We are very pleased to welcome Rommy paz Osorio as Country Head for Eyesea Chile. Rommy, in addition to her work on recycling and coastal clean-ups, has been promoting Eyesea to community groups, schools, and local authorities – resulting in Chile becoming Eyesea’s most successful example of nationwide data collection.

It is hard to describe just how much Rommy has put into Eyesea. Everything we have seen – the hats, banners, promotional material, signage, the events have been her initiative – and at her own cost.

Eyesea’s members owe a great deal to Rommy and the Chile team (Cristina-Nicoleta Caian, Jaime Bastias, and TRUST SEAPATH SHIPPING AGENCY SPA) – they have all supported us when we’ve needed it the most.

Ocean Nova Joins Eyesea

The expedition vessel, Ocean Nova, has become the cruise ship to join the Eyesea pollution mapping initiative. Richard Del Valle, President of Adventure Shipping, said “We’re very pleased to be leading the way on an environmental issue that is so important to everyone who sails – both crew and passengers. The case for Eyesea is compelling – very few people have access to the parts of the world we visit, and any data we can collect is of critical importance.  With Ocean Nova’s ice class, maneuverability, and highly experienced crew, she is often in waters rarely seen by other ships.  We think we can help.” More here.



Dubai-headquartered GAC Group has announced its membership of the maritime pollution reporting and mapping initiative, Eyesea, which uses a smartphone app through which users submit geotagged photographs to report hazards and pollution.

GAC Group recently unveiled its Roadmap to Sustainability, which sets out its commitment to adapt, reduce and mitigate its activities. “Eyesea has developed a simple and effective way for companies involved in the maritime sector to play a critical part in improving the health and conservation of our oceans,” says Neil Godfrey, Group Commercial Director, Shipping. “It was obvious when we were approached by Eyesea that…

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Press from Eyesea’s launch

App to cut maritime pollution launched in Isle of Man. Includes interview with Eyesea Chief Operating Officer Cath Robertshaw.

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Pollution mapping app goes live

The industry-backed Eyesea pollution mapping initiative has gone live following six months of testing onboard commercial ships, recreational boats, and with community volunteers. The Eyesea app is now available on Google Play and in the Apple App stores.

The pollution mapping initiative collects and processes oceanic pollution data, now via the click of a smartphone.

The data is used to build detailed maps and charts available free of charge to governments, clean-up groups, researchers, local authorities and a range of other stakeholders, enabling them to take targeted clean-up action and make evidence-based policy decisions.

Graeme Somerville-Ryan, cofounder of Eyesea, commented: “It’s been quite a voyage over the last six months. Over this time we have received overwhelming support from maritime companies, seafarers, and recreational sailors who see what is going on and who want to help. Our member company fleet continues to grow we are looking at partnerships with yachting and superyacht associations, yacht clubs, tech providers, crew associations, and international clean-up NGOs. The feedback we have received from seafarers and coastal volunteers has been humbling – they all want the same thing and have given us enormous support testing the app.”


IOMSR: First flag state to partner Eyesea ocean clean up initiative

The Isle of Man Ship Registry (IOMSR) has become the first flag state to formally back the Eyesea initiative, the not for profit organization formed last year to map marine pollution.

The move will see the IOMSR director Cameron Mitchell become an ambassador of Eyesea while the registry, which is home to 10,000 seafarers aboard more than 380 vessels, has become a member. Eyesea aims to tackle pollution of the seas by collecting data in a newly developed app and reporting incidents of oil spills, rubbish and debris to NGOs like Beach Buddies and Government organisations to action clean ups.

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MPC Container Ships Announces Support of Eyesea

MPC Container Ships ASA (“MPCC” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries the “Group”), is pleased to announce its support and membership of the recently launched Eyesea initiative. Eyesea, with the support of the shipping and maritime industry, is developing a maritime pollution reporting and mapping smartphone application through the use of geotagged pictures.

CEO Constantin Baack comments in relation to the announcement “The Eyesea app proposes a simple yet effective way for the broader shipping industry to leverage…

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