Lynne Clarke

Communications Manager – Europe, GAC Group

It was while working on the last round-the-world Ocean Race that Lynne became acutely aware of the plastic pollution problem.  Signing up immediately to the Race’s #cleanseas and Ocean Summit programmes, she became a committed advocate of both, carrying the messages throughout the GAC world and beyond.  Outside of work, she is working addressing plastic pollution issues on her beloved island of Skiathos, and in which Eyesea will certainly play an important part.

“I abhor single use plastics and delight in spreading that feeling,” she says.  “It is a pleasure and an absolute necessity to support Eyesea’s work.”

Born and educated in languages and business studies in West London, Lynne has enjoyed nearly 40 years in Marketing and PR in the graphic arts, recording and plastics industries.  She has been GAC’s European regional communications manager for 15 years.