Thome Group

At Thome, we believe that being transparent allows us to consider our impacts on various sustainability issues and stakeholders, mitigate risks, and tap into new opportunities. In 2019 we published our first voluntary sustainability report which showcases our commitment to a more sustainable future. The year 2020 was filled with many unprecedented changes and challenges for the ship management industry and in spite of this, Thome has again voluntarily reported on our sustainability performance to monitor and report our progress to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the environmental aspect, a pilot project was launched in 2020 to reduce plastic waste onboard through the installation of water dispensers and purifiers. The project was well-received by the crew and participating vessels have reported a significant reduction of plastic waste onboard. Given the severe impacts plastic have on marine health, Thome will expand this program to more of its managed fleet of vessels. I am pleased to report that our efforts to minimize any negative impact on the planet has been recognised by an industry award which highlighted the Group’s use of an ‘Environment’ module in the NAU app. We believe our involvement with Eyesea reflects our views that both individual and industry wide action must be taken to measure, combat, and prevent marine pollution.